My Baby Looks Good In Baseball Pants

Hello everyone, my name is Erika and welcome to my blog. This is my crazy blog and I must warn you. You will find a lot of sexy pictures of men on here as well as some wonderful fanfics.
I take no ownership for my background picture. My wonderful background was made by arid -hugs, I'm just borrowing it to make my page look sexy.
For those of my followers who appreciate the male body and love guy on guy action. Follow my other blog where-is-all-the-cum, fyi that tumblr is 18 and over only.


There is a reason why we call it “shipping”


It’s a mighty big ocean and we can all sail together without ramming into each other, if we’re careful and respectful-like, savvy?

Ship all the ships. Don’t bash other ships. Hoist full sails and:


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autograph giveaway!
if you follow me you probably know i attended the days of the wolf convention a little bit ago and while i was there, i got this 8x10 headshot signed and decided to give it away! (and hoechlin approved.) the rules are simple:
you do not have to be following me (but it would be nice and i might write you a note or something idk)
reblog ONCE please (likes don’t count.)
no giveaway blogs
giveway ends monday, july 28th, 11:00 p.m central 
that’s it! oh, and you have to be willing to send me your address/get permission to send me your address.
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Deadpool by LuckyBuckybear